Default password for the gandalf account on infrastructure VMs


The default password for the gandalf account on infrastructure VMs is Huawei@123.

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Functions of user gandalf and its password
In the desktop system, user gandalf is a local common user account on Linux servers. It is used for: 1. Logging in to Linux servers in SSH mode. 2. Starting or stopping vAG/vLB, WI, UNS, HDC, License, and AUS services. Its initial password is Huawei@123. You can change the password as required.

Username and password of a Windows infrastructure VM after security hardening
After a Windows infrastructure VM is hardened for security, you can log in with the following username and password: Username: vdesktop\SWMaster Password: Huawei123

Windows infrastructure VM OS versions
In Huawei FusionCloud desktop solution, Windows infrastructure VMs can use the following OS versions: 1. Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard SP1 64-bit 2. Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard

Local account and its password in a VM image template
In a VM image template, the local account and its password are: Local account: vdesktop_user Password: Huawei123#

Huawei FusionCloud desktop solution infrastructure VMs
Huawei FusionCloud desktop solution includes the following infrastructure VMs: 1. GaussDB/HDC/WI/License 2. vAG/vLB 3. (Optional) vAG 4. (Optional) UNS 5. (Optional) vLB 6. (Optional) AUS 7. AD/DNS/DHCP 8. ITA 9. (Optional) Loggetter/TCM/Antivirus/Patch

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