How to manage desktop accounts


Desktop accounts include FusionCompute, FusionAccess, and FusionManager accounts.
For details about the accounts for these three systems, see the product documentation specific to each system.
Account management focuses on passwords. Change passwords every three months to ensure account security.

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Management of desktop accounts
For details about desktop accounts and passwords, see the "FusionAccess Account Overview" section in FusionCloud Standard Desktop System Management Guide. To download this document, access and choose Support > Cloud Computing > FusionCloud > FusionAccess.

How to download TE mobile/TE desktop/TE desktop for MAC
To download the TE Mobile, perform the following operations: 1. On your mobile phone or tablet, log in to Google Play or Huawei App Market. 2. On the App search page, enter TE-Mobile in the text box and click Search. The TE Mobile is applicable to both mobile phones and tablets. 3. Download the App following instructions. To download the TE Desktop or TE Desktop for MAC, visit and search for TE Desktop or TE Desktop for MAC on the page. If you do not have a Huawei account or your account does not have download permissions, please contact our resellers.

What is the default login account and password for Management port of VCN3010/3020

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