Whether VMs can be migrated across clusters


The desktop solution does not support cross-cluster VM migration.
In Huawei's desktop solution, a single cluster supports 100 servers, and each server can house up to 250 VMs. This ensures the reliability of VM clusters even without cross-cluster VM migration.

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Whether automatic migration is supported
When the CPU usage of a computing blade is high, the system can automatically migrate some of its VMs to other blades whose CPU usage is low. When the CPU usage of multiple compute nodes is low, the system can also migrate their VMs to just a few blades and power off the idle ones. The system can automatically migrate VMs at a user-specified time and set a speed limit of 1000 Mbit/s or 100 Mbit/s for vNICs. The system cannot automatically migrate VMs based on network traffic or storage I/O throughput.

Whether VM provisioning can be terminated
VM provisioning cannot be terminated. You must wait for the task to complete and the result (successful or failed) to be displayed.

Why does VM migration take 10 minutes
During VM migration, a VM migrates from one server to another server. When the two servers connect to different switch ports, the VM does not send free ARPs but sends RARPs. Therefore, the switch refreshes MAC addresses to the new port and the packets refresh ARPs to the new port properly. Services are interrupted for some time. The 10 minutes duration is the ARP aging time of the original port. To avoid service interruption, you need to enable the MAC-ARP association function. In V100R006 and later versions, run the mac-address update arp command in system mode to enable this function. For details, see MAC Address-Triggered ARP Entry Update.

Whether an account can be bound to a user VM
An account is bound to a user VM during VM creation. When creating a VM, you need to perform the following configuration: When VM group type is set to Full copy, configure the Set assignment type, Add user, and Setting User Group parameters. When VM group type is set to Linked clone and Full memory, configure the Number of VMs and Add User (Group) parameters. After the VM has been created, the account is bound to the VM.

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