How to set a VM to shutdown on logout and restart operations


The procedure for setting a VM to shutdown on logout and restart operations is as follows:
When creating a linked clone or full memory template, you are advised to set the mode of VM logout and restart operations to shutdown to prevent security risks, such as the leakage of user information.
You do not need to do this when creating a full copy or QuickPrep template.

1. Create a policy.bat file in C:\.
File suffixes are hidden by default on VMs. When you create this file, you need to change its suffix.
2. Open the policy.bat file and add the shutdown -f -s -t 0 command. Save and exit the file.
3. Perform the required configuration. For details, see steps 1 to 5 at In step 5, you only need to perform the first operation to add the policy.bat file. Ignore the second operation.

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To implement scheduled reboot on AR routers, you can use command line. The procedure is as follows: Step 1: Edit the following content in the notepad and save it as reboot.bat. Step 2: Upload the reboot.bat file to the device. Step 3: Create a maintenance assistant task. For details, see the following example: system view Enter system view, return user view with Ctrl+Z. [huawei] assistant task reboot [huawei-assistant-task-reboot] if-mat [huawei-assistant-task-reboot] if-match timer [huawei-assistant-task-reboot] if-match timer cron * 0 20 4 5 * 2016 //Set the execution time to 2016-05-04 20:00. [huawei-assistant-task-reboot] perform 1 batch-file flash:/reboot.bat//Enter the actual file path. Note: After the configuration, you must save the configuration to prevent configuration loss after a restart.

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Restarting the operating system interrupts services. Therefore, exercise caution when performing this operation. To restart the operating system, run the following command: shutdown -r -t time now When you restart the operating system, the remote login user exits. The restart takes 3 to 5 minutes.

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