Types of VMs that support dynamic multi-user login mode


Dynamic multi-user mode is a type of user allocation that corresponds to pool mode (dynamic and static pools). VMs that support pool mode also support dynamic multi-user login.

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Methods used to add users to static multi-user VMs
You can use either of the following methods to add a user to a static multi-user VM: 1. On the FusionAccess portal, click Quick Provision, go to the Assign Desktop step, and specify Add User or Set User Group. 2. You can also add users to a static multi-user VM that has been successfully provisioned. (1) On the FusionAccess portal, choose Desktop > All Computers. (2) Select the target VM whose Assignment Type is Multiple Users and click Advanced Function. (3) Select Add User from the drop-down menu.

Optical modules supported by servers
Servers support single-mode or multi-mode optical modules based on PCIe card types. To determine whether a server is configured with single-mode or multi-mode optical modules, you can check the optical module specifications. 8Gb/s or 850nm indicates a multi-mode optical module. Multi-mode optical fibers must be used for connecting the server to storage devices. 850nm and 10Gb/s indicate a 10GE multi-mode optical module. Multi-mode optical fibers must be used. 1310nm and 10Gb/s indicate a 10GE single-mode optical module, and single-mode optical fibers must be used.

Whether the LOA board supports FC100/FC200 multi-mode services
As described in the board specifications, LOA supports FC100/FC200 multi-mode services and can use I-16-2km modules.

Huawei FusionCloud desktop solution infrastructure VMs
Huawei FusionCloud desktop solution includes the following infrastructure VMs: 1. GaussDB/HDC/WI/License 2. vAG/vLB 3. (Optional) vAG 4. (Optional) UNS 5. (Optional) vLB 6. (Optional) AUS 7. AD/DNS/DHCP 8. ITA 9. (Optional) Loggetter/TCM/Antivirus/Patch

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