Method used to delete FusionAccess tasks


FusionAccess tasks cannot be deleted manually.

Other related questions:
Methods used to view the compatibility of FusionAccess
There are two ways to view the compatibility status of FusionAccess: Method 1: Enter in the address box of a browser. Method 2: Go to the Huawei FusionCloud Information Self-Service Platform at

Method used to apply for temporary FusionAccess licenses
For details about how to apply for temporary FusionAccess licenses, see the Temporary License Application Guide.

Method used to obtain the FusionAccess project guide
Contact the project coordinator, who will provide the download link to the engineers.

Counting method for FusionAccess licenses
FusionAccess licenses are assigned based on the number of user accounts. The License server counts the number of user accounts that have ever logged in to the VMs. If this number is smaller than that of user licenses, there are available licenses that can be assigned to new users. Otherwise, new users cannot log in to the VMs.

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