VM startup process


You can view the VM startup process as follows:
1. Enter a username and password on the WI page.
2. Enter the VM page, click the triangle icon under the VM, and then log in to the VM in VNC mode.
3. Enter the username and password again and log in to the VNC page to view the VM startup process.

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Methods used to update a linked clone VM template
Huawei provides a detailed operation guide for updating linked clone VM templates. You can obtain this guide in the following ways: 1. See the "Service Provisioning" section in FusionCloud Desktop Solution Documentation. You can obtain this documentation at . 2. Contact the project coordinator via WeChat, email, or phone. 3. Post your request on Huawei's cloud computing forum (http://support.huawei.com/huaweiconnect/enterprise/forum-775.html). 4. Contact Huawei technical support by dialing the 400 hotline.

Storage device startup
If a storage device is powered on for the first time, it can be started only after you press the power button. For details, see the related product manual at the following link: http://support.huawei.com/enterprise/productsupport?lang=zh&pid=7941835&idAbsPath=7919749|7941815|7941835

Does VM Management on ServiceCenter Interrupt VM Services
【Product�? ManageOne ServiceCenter 【Version�? 3.X 【Question�? Does VM management on ServiceCenter interrupt VM services? 【Answer�? The VM data is written to ServiceCenter when ServiceCenter manages VMs, which does not affect the FusionSphere OpenStack VM data. The VM is started up on FusionSphere OpenStack. Therefore, ServiceCenter manages VMs without interrupting VM services. ----End

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