Methods used to perform dual-screen tests


Visit the FusionCloud forum at and search for 'dual-screen' cases in the forum.

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Method used to configure dual-screen displays for virtual desktops
The procedure for configuring dual-screen displays for virtual desktops is as follows: Prerequisites: Two monitors, a dual-screen cable, and a monitor cable 1. Use the dual-screen cable to connect the TC to the monitors. 2. On the TC login page, choose Start > Control Center > Display. 3. On the Settings tab page, deselect Optimum settings, set Display Mode to Extend, and select VGA for Primary Monitor. 4. On the DVI and VGA tabs, adjust Resolution and Refresh Rate so that their values are the same. For example, a 22-inch monitor is generally set to 1680 x 1050). 5. Contact the administrator to enable the dual-screen display policy for your VM in the management system.

Whether TCs support dual-DVI output (dual-screen)
Yes. Both CT5000 and CT6000 support dual-screen output. They provide one DIV-I port, which can be expanded into one DVI-D port and one VGA port by using a transfer cable. Because the number of TC ports is limited, more than two screens are not supported.

Methods used to solve blank screen and splash screen exceptions
Rectify desktop screen exceptions as follows: 1. Open the Display page on a TC and select Optimum settings. Then click OK to set the TC resolution to the optimal resolution. 2. If the splash screen exception persists, press auto at the bottom right of the monitor to automatically adjust the screen.

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