Paths for obtaining the FusionAccess port matrices


The FusionAccess communication matrices must match the product version you are using. After you have confirmed the version, you can obtain the matrix in the following ways:
1. Refer to the "Communication Matrix" section in FusionCloud Desktop Solution Documentation. You can obtain this documentation at .
2. Contact the project coordinator via WeChat, email, or phone.
3. Post your request on Huawei's cloud computing forum (
4. Contact Huawei technical support by dialing the 400 hotline.

Other related questions:
Path for obtaining the compatibility list of heterogeneous servers supported by FusionAccess
The compatibility of cloud computing products can be queried at For servers that are not on the compatibility list, consult an after-sales SA or test them to confirm their compatibility.

Path for downloading the FusionAccess software
You can download the FusionAccess software of the required version at Software and Document Download Assistant .

Path of obtaining IT product multimedia
Welcome to the Huawei IT product multimedia platform. We provide you with an ultimate high-speed experience! 1. Huawei support website 2. Youku

Method used to obtain the FusionAccess project guide
Contact the project coordinator, who will provide the download link to the engineers.

Paths for obtaining the AccessClient software package
You can obtain the FusionAccess software packages in the following ways: 1. Visit , find the FusionAccess software package, and download it. 2. Visit the Huawei FusionCloud Information Self-Service Platform at . This website provides hyperlinks to the FusionAccess software packages. 3. Contact the project coordinator via WeChat, email, or phone. 4. Obtain further help using the contact information provided on Huawei's cloud computing forum. 5. Call the 400 hotline for help.

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