Methods used to obtain product documentation for the FusionCloud desktop solution


You can obtain the documents related to the FusionCloud desktop solution in either of the following ways:
1. For enterprise users: Visit and choose Support > IT > Cloud Computing > FusionCloud > FusionCloud Desktop Solution.
2. For carriers: Visit and choose Product Support > Carrier IT > Cloud Computing > FusionCloud > FusionAccess > FusionCloud Desktop Solution.

Other related questions:
Path for downloading the FusionCloud desktop solution documentation map
You can download the Cloud Computing Bookshelf by visiting and choose Support > Documentation > Cloud Computing > FusionCloud > SingleCLOUD.

Method used to obtain product documents
To obtain storage product documentation, including product descriptions, installation guides, configuration guides, and maintenance guides, you can visit Paths for obtaining the FusionCloud desktop solution multimedia
You can obtain the FusionCloud desktop solution multimedia in the following ways: 1. Visit 2. Visit the online learning website at!createNavi?navId=MW000001_term1000025174&lang=en. 3. Search for related videos on Youku. 4. Install the Huawei IT BOOK app on your smartphone and watch the videos.

Method used to obtain product documentation of the Eudemon8080E
You can log in to Huawei support website to obtain the product documentation of the corresponding model.

Method used to obtain FusionInsight product documentation
You can access the HUAWEI FusionCloud Information Self-Service Platform to obtain documents and resources related to FusionInsight.

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