Whether FusionAccess supports digital-to-analog operations


Currently, FusionAccess VMs do not support touchscreen mode.

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Operating system types supported by Huawei FusionAccess TCs
Huawei FusionAccess TCs support the following three operating systems: 1. ARM 2. Windows 3. Linux

Query of operation logs on the USG6000 series
By checking operation logs, you can view records for operations such as login, logout, and device configuration, learn the device management history, and improve device security. Context Only the USG6000 supports operation logs, and such logs can be displayed only when a hard disk is installed. Note: For the USG6650/6660/6670/6680, the operation log page is displayed no matter whether hard disks are installed. The firewall is deployed between the Internet and the network to be protected. When the IP address or login mode is configured for an administrator to log in to the firewall or the administrator performs any operation after login, operation logs are generated. Procedure 1. Choose Monitor > Log > Operation Log to view operation logs. 2. Choose Customize and select/deselect conditions for threat log display. 3. (Optional) Click Export to export operation logs in CSV format to the management PC.

How to disable the function of reporting a number digit by digit
Run the following commands to disable the function of reporting a number digit by digit: config modify digitmap protocol sip sendmapswitch off # config softargu type 282 value 0 //Value 0 indicates that the pound key (#) is required for IAD dialup using SIP. The default value is 0. config delete digitmap protocol sip value x

Does the SoftCo 9500 support analog trunks?
Except the SoftCo 9500, all other SoftCo models support the AT0 analog trunk. U1900 series voice gateways U1910, U1911, U1930, U1960, and U1981 can use the OSU board to support the AT0 trunk.

Number of analog users supported by U1900 boards
Number of analog users supported by U1900 boards: The U1910/U1911/U1930/U1960/U1981 connects analog users through ASI and OSU boards. - ASI board: provides 32 FXS port for connecting 32 analog users. - OSU board: provides 12 FXS ports and 12 FXO ports for connecting 12 analog users.

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