Naming rule for FusionAccess VMs


The naming rule for FusionAccess VMs is as follows:
VM name = Computer name prefix + Digit quantity. This name cannot exceed 15 characters. When defining the naming rule, you can specify a starting value for the VM digit number, and VMs will be allocated in sequence based on this starting value. You cannot specify the names of provisioned VMs.

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Currently, FusionAccess VMs do not support touchscreen mode.

Huawei FusionCloud desktop solution infrastructure VMs
Huawei FusionCloud desktop solution includes the following infrastructure VMs: 1. GaussDB/HDC/WI/License 2. vAG/vLB 3. (Optional) vAG 4. (Optional) UNS 5. (Optional) vLB 6. (Optional) AUS 7. AD/DNS/DHCP 8. ITA 9. (Optional) Loggetter/TCM/Antivirus/Patch

Host rack naming rule in FusionInsight clusters
n FusionInsight cluster, the rack name consists of letters, digits, and underscores (_), and the maximum length is 200 characters. The name format is /level1/level2/..., for example, /default/rack0. The rack name must comply with the actual network topology represented by level. The levels are separated by slashes (/).

Host naming rule in a FusionInsight cluster
A host name can contain digits 0-9, letters a-z (lowercase and uppercase), and hyphens (-), but cannot contain only digits. The host name must be unique.

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