Storage resources occupied by the system


There is a control system on each storage device that occupies part of its storage resources. This capacity varies among manufactures, from tens of GB to 100 GB.

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Does recording occupy MCU port resources?
RSE recording needs to occupy MCU resource ports, which is the same as participants.

What is the meaning of each process that occupies CPU resources on S series switches
On S series switches (except the S1700), run the display cpu-usage command to view the CPU usage of each process. For meanings of common processes, see the following details: - For the S12700, see "High CPU Usage" in S12700 Troubleshooting - Preliminary. - For the S7700 and S9700, see "High CPU Usage" in S7700&S9700 Troubleshooting - Preliminary. - For the S1720, S2700, S3700, S5700, and S6700, see "High CPU Usage" in S1720&S2700&S3700&S5700&S6700 Troubleshooting - Preliminary. - For the S9300, see "High CPU Usage" in S9300 Troubleshooting - Preliminary. - For the S600-E, see "High CPU Usage" in S600-E Troubleshooting - Preliminary.

Number of coffer disks in an OceanStor V3 storage system and capacity occupied by the coffer disks
The first four disks in the controller enclosure of the OceanStor 5300 V3/5500 V3 are planned as coffer disks. The first four disks in the first disk enclosure of the OceanStor 5600 V3/5800 V3/6800 V3 are planned as coffer disks. Coffer disks are used to store important data of a storage system. Each coffer disk occupies 5 GB of the capacity. Four coffer disks occupy 20 GB in total.

Does VP9600 series MCU presentation occupy port resources?
In versions earlier than V2R1C30, VP9600 series MCU presentation occupies port resources. In the V2R1C30 and later versions, no port resource is occupied and the port resources are granted.

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