Many STAs connected to APs have a latency


If the connected STAs have a latency, use tool software to collect the environment information and perform comparison tests to troubleshoot the problem. The possible causes of this problem are as follows:
- The user access rate is low.
- The WLAN environment is poor and much interference exists.
- Too many users are connected.
- Too many low access rate users are connected, deteriorating the network performance.
- The cable network is of poor quality.
- The NICs of STAs are of poor performance.

Other related questions:
How can I separate two STAs that connect to the same AP and SSID
Huawei APs support Layer 2 isolation. When Layer 2 isolation is enabled, STAs cannot communicate at Layer 2. Only the upstream interface and virtual access point (VAP) interface can exchange data. You can enable Layer 2 isolation on an AC.

STAs are associated with other APs in multi-AP scenarios
In multi-AP scenarios, STAs may be associated with other APs when a long Beacon frame transmission interval is set. STAs obtain information about peripheral WLANs in either of the following ways: - Passive scan: STAs scan Beacon frames sent by surrounding APs to obtain WLAN information. - Active scan: STAs actively send Probe Request frames and receive Probe Response frames to obtain wireless signals. STA can actively or passively scan surrounding WLANs. When a STA passively scans WLANs and APs are densely deployed, the STA can receive Beacon frames from another AP but not the nearest AP, and perform association.

How Many Firewalls Can a User Have?

A user can have a maximum of 200 firewalls. It is recommended that you configure a maximum of 20 inbound or outbound rules for each firewall. If more than 20 inbound or outbound rules are configured, the forwarding performance will deteriorate.

Maximum number of APs allowed to connect to an AR router used as the AC
1.AR100&AR110&AR120&AR150&AR160&AR200, AR100-S&AR110-S&AR120-S&AR150-S&AR160-S&AR200-S, AR500&AR510: 8; 2.AR1200 series, AR2201-48FE, AR2202-48FE, AR2204, AR2204-51GE-P, AR2204-51GE, AR2204-51GE-R, AR2204-27GE-P, AR2204-27GE, AR2204E, AR2204E-D, AR1200-Sseries, AR2201-48FE-S, AR2204-S, SRG1300series, SRG2304: 12; 3.AR2220-AC,AR2220-DC,AR2220L-AC,AR2220L-DC, AR2220E, AR2240(SRU40,SRU60), AR3260(SRU40,SRU60), AR2220-S, AR2240-S(SRU40), AR3260-S(SRU40), SRG2320-AC, SRG2320-DC, SRG2320E, SRG3300series(SRU40,SRUC): 16; 4.AR2240(SRU80, SRU100,SRU100E), AR3260(SRU80,SRU100,SRU100E), AR3260E-S(SRU100E), SRG3300series(SRU80,SRUF,SRU100E): 32; 5.AR2240(SRU200,SRU200E), AR3260(SRU200,SRU200E), SRG3300series(SRU200,SRU200E), MSP20(NE16EX-6): 64; 6.AR2240(SRU400), AR3260(SRU400), MSP40(NE16EX-8): 128;

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