Modifying the AP group to which APs belong


If the configuration of the current AP group does not apply to an AP, or an AP is added to an incorrect AP group, the following solutions are available:

1. Add the AP to a new AP group.

2. Modify AP groups in the AP provisioning view.

Other related questions:
How to view the trunk group ID to which the trunks belong on the U1900?
Log in to the CLI of the U1900 and run the show trunkgroup command. The value of the trunkgroupno is the trunk group ID.

Can I Change the Security Group to Which an ECS Belongs?

Yes. Log in to the ECS console, switch to the page showing ECS details, and change the security group to which the ECS belongs.

Do APs support WPS
Huawei APs and ACs do not support WPS.

Layer to which FusionInsight products belong
FusionInsight is not a cloud service and requires users to use servers and networks to build FusionInsight clusters. Big data cloud services such as MRS and MLS are products at the PaaS layer.

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