How many APs can be managed by an AC


The maximum number of APs managed by an AC is as follows:

AC6003: 48

AC6005: 128 (versions earlier than V200R006C10); 256 (V200R006C10 and later)

AC6605: 512 (V200R003); 1024 (V200R005 and later)

ACU2: 2048

By default, the number of APs managed by an AC (without license loaded) is as follows:

AC6003: 4

AC6005: 4

AC6605: 4

ACU2: 128

Other related questions:
Can a Huawei AC manage non-Huawei APs
Currently, Huawei ACs cannot manage non-Huawei APs.

Maximum number of APs allowed to connect to an AR router used as the AC
1.AR100&AR110&AR120&AR150&AR160&AR200, AR100-S&AR110-S&AR120-S&AR150-S&AR160-S&AR200-S, AR500&AR510: 8; 2.AR1200 series, AR2201-48FE, AR2202-48FE, AR2204, AR2204-51GE-P, AR2204-51GE, AR2204-51GE-R, AR2204-27GE-P, AR2204-27GE, AR2204E, AR2204E-D, AR1200-Sseries, AR2201-48FE-S, AR2204-S, SRG1300series, SRG2304: 12; 3.AR2220-AC,AR2220-DC,AR2220L-AC,AR2220L-DC, AR2220E, AR2240(SRU40,SRU60), AR3260(SRU40,SRU60), AR2220-S, AR2240-S(SRU40), AR3260-S(SRU40), SRG2320-AC, SRG2320-DC, SRG2320E, SRG3300series(SRU40,SRUC): 16; 4.AR2240(SRU80, SRU100,SRU100E), AR3260(SRU80,SRU100,SRU100E), AR3260E-S(SRU100E), SRG3300series(SRU80,SRUF,SRU100E): 32; 5.AR2240(SRU200,SRU200E), AR3260(SRU200,SRU200E), SRG3300series(SRU200,SRU200E), MSP20(NE16EX-6): 64; 6.AR2240(SRU400), AR3260(SRU400), MSP40(NE16EX-8): 128;

How many AP access control modes does an AC support
On an AC, you can configure the following AP access control modes: - Add the MAC addresses or SNs of some APs to the blacklist to reject access from these APs. - Add APs to the AC offline to allow the APs to connect to the AC without authentication. - Add the MAC addresses of some APs to the whitelist and configure MAC address authentication. - Add the SNs of some APs to the whitelist and configure SN address authentication. - Manually confirm identifies of APs and allow authorized APs to connect to the AC.

How many NEs can be managed by the MM?
The number of NEs managed by the MM is controlled by the license. By default, the MM can manage only one NE. If multiple NEs need to be managed, purchase a new license.

Does an AC manage APs in a polling manner or in real time? How does It manage APs? How do packets queue
Huawei ACs manage APs in real time. APs actively send Keepalive heartbeat messages to ACs. First packets are processed first. Management packets are forwarded over a CAPWAP tunnel.

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