APs supported by the AC


Run the display ap-type all command on the AC to view APs supported by the AC. For example:
[AC-wlan-view] display ap-type all
All AP types information:
ID Type
17 AP6010SN-GN
19 AP6010DN-AGN
21 AP6310SN-GN
23 AP6510DN-AGN
25 AP6610DN-AGN
27 AP7110SN-GN
28 AP7110DN-AGN
29 AP5010SN-GN
30 AP5010DN-AGN
31 AP3010DN-AGN
33 AP6510DN-AGN-US
34 AP6610DN-AGN-US
35 AP5030DN
36 AP5130DN
37 AP7030DE
38 AP2010DN
39 AP8130DN
40 AP8030DN
42 AP9330DN
Total number: 19

Other related questions:
How many APs can be managed by an AC
The maximum number of APs managed by an AC is as follows: AC6003: 48 AC6005: 128 (versions earlier than V200R006C10); 256 (V200R006C10 and later) AC6605: 512 (V200R003); 1024 (V200R005 and later) ACU2: 2048 By default, the number of APs managed by an AC (without license loaded) is as follows: AC6003: 4 AC6005: 4 AC6605: 4 ACU2: 128

Online upgrade mode of the AP supported by the AC
FTP online upgrade mode is supported.

Can ACs automatically deliver configurations to APs
Currently, ACs cannot deliver configurations automatically, so configurations must be manually submitted and delivered. Alternatively, you can also restart an AP to obtain new configurations, which, however, may interrupt services.

How to check whether the AP model is supported by the AC?
Apply this command in user view: display ap-type all If the AP model is not in the above list, it is not supported by the AC.

Dose the AR used as the AC support V2R5 AP
AR routers of V200R00R6C10 and later versions support the AP of V200R005C10. AR routers of V200R003 and V200R005 support the AP of V200R002C00.

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