How to check the state of AP ?


Log in to the AC and check AP status: display ap all //Check AP status.

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How to check whether the AP is a Fit or Fat AP?
Log in to the AC and check: system-view [Huawei] diagnose [Huawei-diagnose] display image //Check AP status.

How to check the status of AP on the S switch?
Sx7 serials and S5720HI , we can input commands display ap all。For example�? display ap all All AP(s) information: Normal[4],Fault[0],Commit-failed[0],Committing[0],Config[0],Download[0] Config-failed[0],Standby[0],Type-not-match[0],Ver-mismatch[0] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ AP AP AP Profile AP AP /Region ID Type MAC ID State Sysname ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 0 AP6010DN-AGN dcd2-fc21-5d40 0/0 normal ap-0 1 AP6010DN-AGN dcd2-fc9a-2110 0/0 normal ap-1 2 AP6010DN-AGN 1047-80ac-cc60 0/0 normal ap-2 3 AP6010DN-AGN fc48-ef2d-3b00 0/0 normal ap-3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Total number: 4,printed: 4 AP State has 4 types: - normal:this is correct state - type-not-match:the AP type is mismatch - fault:AP faulty�?if AP is offline, it is also this state. - config :AP initializes the configuration - config-failed:AP initialization failed - download:AP version is updating and load the system software. - committing:WLAN service is being sutmited. - commit-failed:WLAN service is submited failed. - standby:backup AC state - ver-mismatch:AP and AC's version is mismatched

What states does an AP have
AP states include: - idle: The AP is in idle state. - normal: The AP is in normal state. - type-not-match: The AP type is not supported by the AC. - fault: The AP fails. - config: The AP is initializing the configuration. - config-failed: The AP fails to initialize the configuration. - download: The AP is downloading the upgrade software. - committing: The WLAN service configuration is being committed. - commit-failed: The WLAN service configuration fails to be committed. - standby: The AP is in standby state on the standby AC. - ver-mismatch: The Version between AP and AC is mismatched.

How to check the current AP authentication mode.
Operation in V200R005: display ap-auth-mode AP authentication mode: MAC-auth //The AP authentication mode is MAC address authentication. Operation in V200R006: display ap global configuration

APs in idle state and do not register with AC6005
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