How to check whether the AP model is supported by the AC?


Apply this command in user view: display ap-type all If the AP model is not in the above list, it is not supported by the AC.

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How to check whether the AP is a Fit or Fat AP?
Log in to the AC and check: system-view [Huawei] diagnose [Huawei-diagnose] display image //Check AP status.

How to to check whether a valid management exists the AP
Log in to the AP and run the display system-information command. If a management VLAN is incorrectly configured for the AP, run the undo management-vlan command on the AC to delete the management VLAN, and restart the AP.

How to check whether the number of APs exceeds the license specification?
Apply this command in user view: display license resource usage

Which AP models support mode switching
APs that support mode switching: AP3010DN-AGN, AP5010SN-GN, AP5010DN-AGN, AP5030DN, AP5130DN, AP6010SN-GN, AP6010DN-AGN, AP6510DN-AGN, AP6510DN-AGN-US, AP6610DN-AGN, AP6610DN-AGN-US, AP3030DN, AP4030DN, AP4130DN, AP7110DN, AP8030DN, AP8130DN, AP3010DN-V2, AP5030DN-S, AP9131DN, AP9132DN, AD9430DN-24, and AD9430DN-12 Note that APs only in V200R003 or later support the Fat mode, so APs in versions earlier than V200R003 (such as WA series APs) do not support mode switching.

How to check whether the AP has obtained an IP address?
Log in to the AP and check: display ap-address-info

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