How to check the current AP authentication mode.


Operation in V200R005:
display ap-auth-mode
AP authentication mode: MAC-auth //The AP authentication mode is MAC address authentication.
Operation in V200R006:
display ap global configuration

Other related questions:
Checking configurations of an S series switch
You can run the following commands to check configuratio of an S series switch (except the S1700): 1. Run the display current-configuration command to check the current valid configurations. This command does not display parameters that use default settings. 2. Run the display saved-configuration command to check the configuration file to be used for the next startup. 3. Run the display startup command to check the system software, backup system software, configuration file, license file, patch file, and voice file for the current and next startup.

How to check the rate of an interface of an AR router
You can run the display interface ethernet brief command on an AR router to check the brief information about the Ethernet interface of the router, including the physical state, auto-negotiation method, duplex mode, rate, and average bandwidth utilization rate in the receiving and sending directions in the recent period of the interface. In the output information displayed after the command is run, the Bandwidth column describes the bandwidth of the interface. In auto-negotiation mode, you can run the auto speed { 10 | 100 | 1000 }* command to configure the rate of the Ethernet interface. You can run the undo negotiation auto command to configure the Ethernet interface to be working in non-auto negotiation mode and run the speed { 10 | 100 | 1000 | 10000 } command to configure the rate of the Ethernet interface in the non-auto negotiation mode.

How to check the state of AP ?
Log in to the AC and check AP status: display ap all //Check AP status.

How to check whether the AP is a Fit or Fat AP?
Log in to the AC and check: system-view [Huawei] diagnose [Huawei-diagnose] display image //Check AP status.

How to check system running time and current time in IAD
How to check system running time and current time in IAD is as follows: 1.Executive command display sysuptime to check system after the last reboot time. 2.Executive command display time to check system current time.

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