On the STA Management page of the AC's web platform, no STA is displayed


On the STA Management page, search results are displayed based on conditions, but not all STAs.

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What STA information can be displayed on a WLAN device
1. Number of STAs associated with an AP For V200R005, run the display station assoc-num command. For V200R006, run the display station ap-id xx command. 2. STA information For V200R005, run the display station assoc-info sta sta-mac command. For V200R006, run the display station sta-mac sta-mac command. The display contents vary depending on versions. The following uses V200R005C10 as an example: display station assoc-info sta d420-6df4-f37e Station mac-address : d420-6df4-f37e //STA mac Station ip-address : //STA IP Station gateway : Associated SSID : jsldoc //SSID Station online time(ddd:hh:mm:ss) : 000:00:04:20 //Online time The upstream SNR(dB) : 30.0 The upstream aggregate receive power(dBm) : -79.0 Station connect rate(Mbps) : 23 //Rate Station connect channel : 1 //Channel Station inactivity time(ddd:hh:mm:ss) : 000:00:00:00 ...... Station's RSSI(dBm) : -66 //Single strength Station's Noise(dBm) : -109 Station's radio mode : 11b //Network type Station's AP ID : 6 //AP ID (supported only by V200R005C00) Station's Radio ID : 0 //0 indicates 2.4G, and 1 indicates 5G (supported only by V200R005C00). Station's Authentication Method : OPEN Station's Cipher Type : NO CIPHER Station's User Name : d4206df4f37e Station's Vlan ID : 28 Station's Channel Band-width : 20MHz Station's asso BSSID : dcd2-fc9a-2110 Station's state : Asso with auth Station's Qos Mode : NULL Station's HT Mode : - Station's MCS value : 0 Station's NSS value : 0 Station's Short GI : support Station's roam state : No

Why is the page displayed abnormally on the web platform
The page is displayed incorrectly on the web platform: The possible causes are: 1. The browser cache is faulty. When users access the web platform of different versions on a PC, the page may be displayed incorrectly. For example, the field label or the language is incorrect. In most cases, this problem is caused by the browser cache. To rectify the fault, clear the browser cache. 2. The browser settings are incorrect. Some settings of the browser may disable web page scripts. a. If you use Internet Explorer, choose Tools > Internet Options to display the Internet Options dialog box. Select the Security tab and click Custom Level to display the Security Settings dialog box. Select Medium-low or Medium from the Reset to drop-down list box, and then click Reset. Click OK to return to the Security tab page. Click the Trusted sites icon and click Sites. Add the IP address of the switch to the trusted sites. b. If you use the Mozilla Firefox web browser, choose Tools > Options to display the Options dialog box. Click the Content tab, select the check box to enable JavaScript, and then click OK.

Display sequence of APs on an AC
After AP names are changed on an AC6605, the sequence of the top five APs remains unchanged. For V200R003, APs are sorted in ascending order according to character strings of AP names (for example, 1 10 11�? 20). For V200R005, APs are sorted according to numeric values of AP names.

When the AR router is used as the web server, the web platform page is displayed slowly
The possible causes and solutions are as follows: 1. A problem occurs on the local PC. Solution: Clear historical records and cache data on the local PC; upgrade the browser to the latest version or change the browser; upgrade flash player plug-in. 2. System software problem. Solution: Upgrade the router software. 3. The web access mode is incorrect. Solution: Change the web access mode to HTTPS.

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