How to check IP traffic on the AR


Command line mode:
Run the display ip accounting command. You can use this command to collect incoming and outgoing IP traffic of a user.

Other related questions:
Does an AR support IP traffic statistics
AR routers support IP traffic statistics collection.

How to check the traffic information about the interface of an AR router
You can check the traffic information about an interface using CLI as follows: Run the display interface [interface-type [interface-number [.subnumber] ] ] command in any view or run the display this interface command in an interface view to check the traffic information about the interface. You can also check the traffic information about an interface on the web page as follows: 1.Select IP services. > IP Traffic Statistics > Statistics. 2. Click Update. If the operations are successful, the current IP traffic statistics of the device is displayed in the Traffic statistics ranking. 3. Click Total traffic (packets) in the list head to sort the traffic information in an ascending order or a descending order based on the total traffic volume.

How do I query IP traffic on an AR
The display ip statistics command displays the IP traffic statistics. Generally, you can run this command to check statistics on sent and received packets during service diagnosis. To monitor specific service packets, for example, to implement accounting, network monitoring, and user monitoring based on statistics analysis of network service traffic, configure the NetStream function. To obtain classified IP packet statistics by service data flows, for example, to obtain IP packet statistics of a specific user, configure the IP accounting function.

Can the instant rate of an IP address be queried on an AR
You cannot view the burst traffic rate of a specified IP address on an AR router.

How to check statistics about the traffic policy
Run the display traffic policy statistics command to check statistics on the interface where a traffic policy has been applied. Run the display cu command to check the configuration.

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