Do WLAN devices support VPN


WLAN devices' support for VPN:
- ACs support IPSec and GRE, but do not support other types of VPN.
- APs do not support VPN features.

Other related questions:
Do WLAN devices support static routes
The AC6005 supports static routes.

Whether WDM devices support VPN services
WDM devices support multiple types of VPN services and multiple solutions are available to achieve the support for VPN services.

Do WLAN devices support NAT
ACs and Fat APs support NAT, while Fit APs and ATs do not support NAT.

Do WLAN devices support PPPoE
Fat APs and ACs in V200R006 and earlier versions do not support PPPoE dial-up.

Do WLAN devices support Ethernet link aggregation
Currently, all Huawei ACs and only APs with dual network ports (such as the AP5030DN) support Ethernet link aggregation.

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