What authentication protocols are supported during STA login? Which one is recommended and why


The following authentication modes are supported: 802.1X, MAC, Portal, MAC+Portal, EAP-TLS, EAP-PEAP, and EAP-PAP. The MAC+Portal mode is recommended. This mode is secure and easy to use. No client is required. Users do not need to enter passwords in a specified period.

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Do ACs support collection of mobile phone numbers during authentication
No. ACs and Fat APs do not support this function.

Which protocols are supported by NQA
In V200R003C00 earlier versions and V200R003C00 versions, network quality analysis (NQA) supports: -DHCP -DNS -FTP -HTTP -ICMP -JITTER -SNMP -TCP -TRACE -UDP In V200R003C00 later versions, network quality analysis (NQA) supports: -DHCP -DNS -FTP -HTTP -ICMP -JITTER -LSPPING -LSPTRACE -SNMP -TCP -TRACE -UDP

For what protocol enabling the NAT ALG function is recommended
In normal cases, you are advised to enable NAT ALG for FTP, PPTP, and SQLNET protocols. SIP and RTSP support NAT traversal. Therefore, you are advised not to enable NAT ALG for them.

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