STAs cannot access some websites


Procedure for troubleshooting this problem

1. Access other websites on the STA.

2. Try to access the websites through the wired network.

If these websites cannot be accessed through both wired and wireless networks, this problem is not related to the AC or AP. In this case, check the websites and egress devices.

Other related questions:
How to control access to some websites on an AR router
Configure an ACL on an AR router to control users from accessing specified websites, including the access time. For details, see the URL: .

After an AR is configured with multiple outbound interfaces, the website cannot be accessed
This condition generally occurs on the networking of equal-cost static route with two outbound interfaces. - In V200R003, the web page cannot be opened when online banking services with high security requirements are accessed. - In V200R005 and later versions, run the ip load-balance hash { src-ip | dst-ip | src-dst-ip } command to solve the problem that packets sent and received through different paths.

Can an AR router filter some websites
Currently, only some router models support filter of some websites, namely, supporting the URL filter function. Routers that support the URL filter function include: All models of the AR100, AR120, AR150, AR160, and AR200 series AR1200 series: AR1220C, AR1220E, AR1220EV, and AR1220EVW AR2200 series: all other models except for AR2201-48FE, AR2202-48FE, and AR2204 AR3200 series routers

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