Do ACs support direct Internet access of users without authentication on a pushed Portal authentication page


No. ACs and Fat APs do not support this function. However, for some external Portal servers (such as Huawei Agile Controller), this function is supported after anonymous access is configured.

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How to configure the number of access users supported by Portal authentication on a WLAN device
To configure the number of access users supported by Portal authentication on a WLAN device, perform the following operations: 1. Run the system-view command to enter the system view. 2. Run the authentication-profile name authentication-profile-name command to enter the authentication profile view. 3. Run the authentication max-user max-user-number command to configure the maximum number of authenticated users allowed in a VAP profile. The maximum number of access users can also be configured in a service set or an AP profile. If the parameter is configured in both of them, the smaller value takes effect.

Do ACs support Portal authentication
Portal authentication, also called web authentication, is classified into internal and external Portal authentication. Both ACs and Fat APs support Portal authentication.

Why cannot the authentication page be pushed during portal authentication on AR1220-S
Possible causes: The tunnel forwarding function has not been enabled on the router for HTTP authentication packets. Recommended solution: Run the following commands to enable the tunnel forwarding function for HTTP authentication packets: service-set name portal id 2 service-vlan 14 tunnel-forward protocol http By default, the tunnel forwarding function is not enabled for HTTP authentication packets. This function is enabled by default on AC6605 V200R003 and later versions. For details, see the URL: The authentication page can not be pushed when the AR1220-S router is authenticated .

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