Do ACs support Portal escape


Yes. ACs and Fat APs support this function from V200R006C20. In versions earlier than V200R006C20, ACs and Fat APs only support Portal server detection.

Other related questions:
Do ACs support Portal authentication
Portal authentication, also called web authentication, is classified into internal and external Portal authentication. Both ACs and Fat APs support Portal authentication.

Do ACs support Portal+local authentication
Portal authentication can be implemented locally or remotely. Therefore, devices supporting Portal authentication can implement Portal+local authentication.

Do ACs support MAC address-prioritized Portal authentication
Yes. ACs and Fat APs support this function. When configuring external Portal authentication, run the web-authentication first-mac command on a WLAN-ESS interface.

Is authentication exemption supported after Portal authentication for the first time
MAC address-prioritized Portal authentication is supported. After this function is enabled, the MAC address of a user is saved for a certain period of time after the user passes Portal authentication for the first time. When the user goes offline and goes online again, MAC address authentication is performed. If the authentication fails, a Portal authentication page is displayed.

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