How to configure combined authentication on an AC


ACs and Fat APs do not support combined authentication. In combined authentication, MAC address authentication, 802.1x authentication, and Portal authentication are uniformly deployed on interfaces connected to users, so that users can select a proper authentication mode to connect to the network.

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How to combine the AC license
An AC's license controls the maximum number of online APs allowed on the AC. You can merge multiple license files to generate a new one. The following operations apply only to commercial licenses: 1. Collect the LAC, ESN, license file, and revocation code. 2. Clarify the license resource adjustment targets. 3. Send the preceding information to to apply for license file merging.

How to configure the Telnet authentication mode for a WLAN device
WLAN devices can be logged in through Telnet using 2 authentication modes: password and AAA. The Telnet login authentication mode can be configured as follows: - Configure the Telnet login authentication mode to password. [Huawei] user-interface vty 0 [Huawei-ui-vty0] authentication-mode password [Huawei-ui-vty0] set authentication password cipher Helloworld@6789 [Huawei-ui-vty0] return - Configure the Telnet login authentication mode to AAA. [Huawei] user-interface vty 0 [Huawei-ui-vty0] authentication-mode aaa [Huawei-ui-vty0] quit [Huawei] aaa [Huawei-aaa] aaa [Huawei-aaa] local-user admin1234 password irreversible-cipher Helloworld@6789 [Huawei-aaa] return

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