Which applications support spectrum analysis


You can use Airmagent, DingLi WLAN instrument, Wisdom WLAN analysis tool, or Sniffer to perform spectrum analysis and simulation, and can also use Huawei eSight to implement detailed spectrum analysis.

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Do APs support spectrum analysis
Currently, the AP3010DN-AGN and AP9330DN do not support spectrum analysis. Fat APs do not support spectrum analysis.

Can the secondary analysis be performed on prefixes of the U1900 voice gateway?
The secondary analysis cannot be performed on prefixes. We can realize this by configuring number change for prefixes. Assume the following scenario: All intra-office numbers of the U1900 begin with 4. Intra-office numbers used for making intra-office calls must be sent to the peer end. Then the peer end sends the numbers to the U1900 which forwards the calls to corresponding intra-office extensions. Method: Set the outgoing prefix to 4 and associate it with the number change rule of adding prefix 111 to the called number. Set the intra-office prefix to 1114 and associate it with the called number change rule of deleting the first three digits.

Possible causes and handling measures if no wavelength information is displayed in the spectrum analysis data queried using the OMCA, MCA4, or MCA8 board
Possible causes are as follows: 1. The physical fiber connections of the OMCA, MCA4, or MCA8 board are different from logical fiber connections. If this occurs, verify the physical fiber connections. 2. The optical path is abnormal. If this occurs, check whether the optical path is set up. For example, check whether optical cross-connections are created, physical fiber connections are correct, or the laser on the OA board is properly turned on.

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