Methods of configuring the ACL for a WLAN device


ACL is essentially a packet filter whose rules act as the filter core. The device matches packets based on these rules to filter specific packets, and allows the filtered packets to pass or prevent them from passing according to the processing policies of the service module on which the ACL is applied.
Currently, the ACLs on WLAN devices are classified into basic ACL (2000-2999), advanced ACL (3000-3999), Layer 2 ACL (4000-4999), user ACL (6000-9999), basic ACL 6 (2000-2999), and advanced ACL 6 (3000-3999). Fat APs do not support basic ACL 6 and advanced ACL 6.
For more information about the ACL of Huawei WLAN devices, see:
V200R005: ACL Configuration in AC6605&AC6005&ACU2(AC&FITAP) Product Documentation .
V200R006: ACL Configuration in AC6605&AC6005&ACU2(AC&FITAP)Product Documentation.

Other related questions:
How to configure the mask of an ACL on a WLAN device
For WLAN devices, masks (wildcards) must be specified for the source and destination IP addresses in ACL rules. The wildcard is in dotted decimal notation. In a binary wildcard, the value 0 indicates that this bit needs to be matched and the value 1 indicates that this bit does not need to be matched. 0s and 1s in a wildcard can be discontinuous. For example, the IP address and the wildcard represent address 192.168.1.x0x0xx01. x can be 0 or 1.

How to configure an ACL time range on a WLAN device
If some services or functions need to be started at intervals or a specific period of time, run the time-range command on a WLAN device. When configuring ACL rules, you can use the name of a time range to reference this time range. You can associate a time range with ACL rules in either of the following ways: Mode 1 �?Periodic time range: defines a time range by week. The associated ACL rules take effect at an interval of one week. For example, if the time range of ACL rules is 8:00-12:00 on Monday, the ACL rules take effect at 8:00-12:00 on every Monday. Format: time-range time-name start-time to end-time { days } &<1-7> Mode 2 �?Absolute time range: defines a time range from YYYY/MM/DD hh:mm to YYYY/MM/DD hh:mm. The associated ACL rules take effect only in this period. Format: time-range time-name from time1 date1 [ to time2 date2 ] Create time range working-time (8:00�?8:00 from Monday to Friday) and configure a rule in ACL work-acl. The rule rejects the packets from network segment within the period of the working time. [HUAWEI] time-range working-time 8:00 to 18:00 working-day [HUAWEI] acl name work-acl basic [HUAWEI-acl-basic-work-acl] rule deny source time-range working-time

What is the matching order of an ACL on a WLAN device
If ACL rules repeat or conflict, the matching order decides the packet matching result. WLAN devices support two ACL matching orders: the configuration order (config) and the automatic order (auto). Configuration order The system matches packets against ACL rules in ascending order of rule IDs. That is, the rule with the smallest ID is processed first. If a smaller rule ID is manually specified for a rule, the rule is inserted in one of the front lines of an ACL and processed earlier. If no ID is manually specified for a rule, the system allocates an ID to the rule. The rule ID is greater than the largest rule ID in the ACL and is the minimum multiple of the step; therefore, this rule is processed last. Automatic order The system arranges rules according to precision degree of the rules (depth priority), and matches packets against the rules in descending order of precision. A rule with the highest precision defines strictest conditions, and has the highest priority. The system matches packets against this rule first.

Do WLAN devices support reflective ACLs
ACs and APs do not support reflective ACLs.

Change the SSID on WLAN devices
Change the SSID on WLAN devices. Command output on the CLI: [HUAWEI]wlan [HUAWEI-wlan-view]service-set name test [HUAWEI-wlan-service-set-test]ssid huawei If the SSID is in use and cannot be modified, unbind SSID invocation and change the SSID again.

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