How to configure key negotiation between STAs and APs for roaming


Key negotiation between STAs and APs can only be configured in V200R003. The configuration procedure is as follows:
[AC-wlan-view] ap-profile name huawei id 1 //Create AP profile huawei.
[AC-wlan-ap-prof-huawei] 4-way-handshake ap //Configure key negotiation between a STA and an AP.
[AC-wlan-ap-prof-huawei] quit
[AC-wlan-view] ap id 1
[AC-wlan-ap-1] profile-id 1
[AC-wlan-ap-1] quit
[AC-wlan-view] commit ap 1 //Deliver the configuration to the AP.
Warning: Committing configuration may cause service interruption,continue?[Y/N]y

Other related questions:
When a STA is roaming, whether the STA subnet attributes are changed
During STA roaming, STA subnet attributes such as the IP address, VLAN, ACL, and priority are inherited and will not be changed.

If the STA roaming speed is slow, how can I handle it
The causes and solutions for slow STA roaming speeds are as follows: 1. The roaming sensitivity of STAs is not properly configured on the AC. Adjust the roaming sensitivity of STAs. 2. The network is not properly planned. Optimize the network plan. 3. AP signal interference exists. Scan AP channels to eliminate interference. 4. Users use different security policies. The roaming time of a STA using WEP is smaller than that of a STA using WPA. Select proper security policies based on actual requirements. 5. STAs switch between different channels during roaming. The roaming time of a STA that switches from channel 1 to channel 6 is smaller than that of the STA that switches from channel 11 to channel 6. Slow handover may cause packet loss during roaming. It is normal if only 1 to 2 packets are lost in this process.

What is the roaming mechanism of APs
A roaming process is initiated by the STA. A STA may roam when it detects signals of a new AP which are stronger than that of its currently associated AP. A larger signal strength difference indicates a higher roaming possibility. Roaming aggressiveness of STAs varies. Some STAs support manual configurations of roaming aggressiveness on NICs.

Does a STA need to be reauthenticated or re-logged in during STA roaming? Do the STA's subnet properties (including the IP address, home VLAN, ACL, and priority) change
During STA roaming, the STA does not need to be reauthenticated or re-logged in. In addition, the STA's subnet properties are inherited, so they do not change.

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