Which WLAN devices support roaming


Fat APs do not support WLAN roaming.

AC+Fit AP networking support WLAN roaming. V200R003 and earlier versions support only intra-AC roaming, while V200R005 and later versions support both intra-AC and inter-AC roaming.

Depending on whether a STA roams within the same subnet, WLAN roaming is categorized as Layer 2 roaming (on the same subnet) and Layer 3 roaming (on different subnets).

Layer 2 roaming is classified into fast roaming and non-fast roaming according to security policies used by STAs. Only when the security policy is WPA2-802.1x and STAs support fast roaming technology, fast roaming can be achieved.

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WLAN roaming
WLAN roaming allows STAs to move within the coverage areas of APs belonging to the same ESS with nonstop service transmission. The most obvious advantage of WLAN networks is that a STA can move within a WLAN network without physical media restrictions. WLAN roaming allows STAs to move within a WLAN network without service interruption. An ESS includes multiple APs. When a STA moves from an AP to another, WLAN roaming ensures seamless transition of STA services between APs. WLAN roaming has the following advantages: - Retains STAs' IP addresses. After roaming, STAs can still access the initially associated WLAN network and retain their services. - Avoids packet loss or service interruption caused by long-term authentication.

Which models and versions of WLAN devices support the web platform
The following models and versions of WLAN devices support the web platform: - V200R002 and later versions of AC6605 and ACU - V200R003 and later versions of AC6005 - V200R005 and later versions of ACU2 - V200R003 and later versions of Fat APs - Fit APs do not support the web platform.

Which user access authentication modes are supported by a WLAN device
WLAN devices support MAC authentication, 802.1x authentication, and Portal authentication.

Do WLAN devices support VPN
WLAN devices' support for VPN: - ACs support IPSec and GRE, but do not support other types of VPN. - APs do not support VPN features.

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