How does a STA synchronize the channel when the associated AP switches to another channel


- If both the STA and AP support channel change notification, the AP sends an action frame (802.11h) to the STA after the AP switches to a channel. The action frame is used to notify the STA of switching the channel immediately or after n Beacon intervals

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Does an AP listen to and send frames over one channel
An AP receives or sends frames over one channel at one time. - In Normal AP mode, an AP sends and receives frames over the configured channel. - During neighbor detection, an AP sends probe request frames to all channels and receives probe response frames. - In station mode, an AP listens to Beacon frames over all channels.

Influence of co-channel interference on APs
Co-channel interface is a major factor that reduces an AP's maximum throughput. When APs are densely deployed, their signals have a large overlapping coverage area, resulting in severe co-channel interference. In this case, the APs' maximum throughput decreases greatly.

Why cannot STAs associate with an AP when WEP authentication is used
The possible causes are as follows: - No WEP SSID is added to the STA. Many STAs associate with WEP SSIDs by using encryption without authentication. However, the AP uses both authentication and encryption. Therefore, the STA cannot associate with the SSID. The SSID must be manually configured on the STA. At last, set the encryption type to share mode. - The key index configured on the AP is different from the key index on the STA. By default, the key index of an AP is 0 (ranging from 0 to 3), and the key index of STA is 1 (ranging from 1 to 4). Key index 0 on the AP matches key index 1 on the STA.

How to isolate STAs associated with the same SSID of an AP
Huawei APs support local Layer 2 isolation. After Layer 2 isolation is enabled, local STAs cannot communicate at Layer 2, and data can only be transmitted between uplink ports and VAP ports. To enable Layer 2 isolation, configure it on an AC.

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