Does an AC manage APs in a polling manner or in real time? How does It manage APs? How do packets queue


Huawei ACs manage APs in real time. APs actively send Keepalive heartbeat messages to ACs. First packets are processed first. Management packets are forwarded over a CAPWAP tunnel.

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How many APs can be managed by an AC
The maximum number of APs managed by an AC is as follows: AC6003: 48 AC6005: 128 (versions earlier than V200R006C10); 256 (V200R006C10 and later) AC6605: 512 (V200R003); 1024 (V200R005 and later) ACU2: 2048 By default, the number of APs managed by an AC (without license loaded) is as follows: AC6003: 4 AC6005: 4 AC6605: 4 ACU2: 128

Congestion management mechanism on an S series switch
On S series switches (except S1700), each physical port has eight sending queues numbered from 7 to 0 in descending order of priority. Queue 7 has the highest priority and queue 0 has the lowest priority. Sending ports support the following queue scheduling modes: PQ, WRR, DRR, PQ+WRR, and PQ+DRR. When PQ+WRR or PQ+DRR is used, packets in PQ queues are scheduled first. The PQ queue with the highest priority is scheduled preferentially and then PQ queues with lower priorities are scheduled in succession. After all PQ queues are scheduled, WRR or DRR queues are then scheduled. For WRR and DRR queues, the queues are scheduled to ensure bandwidth first and then scheduled based on weights. The S5720HI fixed switch and X series cards of S series modular switches do not support WRR and PQ+WRR scheduling.

Can a Huawei AC manage non-Huawei APs
Currently, Huawei ACs cannot manage non-Huawei APs.

Does Huawei provide a comprehensive solution for managing APs of different manufacturers
Different manufacturers use different management interfaces between APs and ACs. Currently, Huawei does not provide a solution to make the management interfaces compatible with each other.

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