Which lines do Huawei APs use to support PoE? Idle lines or signal lines


Huawei APs support PoE power supplies of idle lines and signal lines. PoE power supplies use signal lines.

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Which line is used by Huawei APs to receive PoE power, idle line or signal line
Huawei APs are powered devices (PDs) and support PoE power supply through both idle lines and signal lines, but signal lines are often used to supply power.

Huawei Enterprise Global Service Hotline
Does TE60 support the E1 line
TE60 endpoints support the 4E1 line, but do not support the E1 line.

Is the AT0 dedicated line of the U1910 a dedicated line for incoming and outgoing calls
An AT0 dedicated line is configured only for specific intra-office numbers, and the other numbers cannot use this line for incoming and outgoing calls.

Does the TE60 support the E1 line?
The TE series endpoint supports the 4E1 line, but does not support the E1 line.

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