What is the AP bandwidth when an AP does not use the MIMO antenna


Theoretically, the 802.11n APs support at most 150 Mbps bandwidth when not using MIMO antennas.

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How does the AP bandwidth change if MIMO antennas are not used
802.11n APs support a maximum of 150 Mbit/s bandwidth if MIMO antennas are not used.

Can antennas in an antenna group on APs that support MIMO technology be used independently
Yes. When using independently, antennas using the MIMO technology cannot achieve the optimal performance. Multi-antenna MIMO technology can increase AP throughput and provide diversity receiving capability, improving the receive SNR.

How to select antennas for APs
Antennas receive and send radio signals. Select antennas for APS by referring to HUAWEI Access Points Antenna Quick Start. Contact Huawei local offices to purchase antennas. Antennas from other vendors are not recommended for working with Huawei APs. Consider the following points when selecting antennas: 1. Usage scenario and purpose Indoor antennas are generally used to provide signal coverage in indoor scenarios while outdoor antennas are used to provide signal coverage and bridging backhaul in outdoor scenarios. 2. Local standards and regulations The transmit power and maximum gain of antennas must strictly comply with local standards and regulations. 3. Shape and distance of the coverage or backhaul area - Coverage: Directional antennas are recommended in long and narrow areas while omnidirectional antennas are recommended in round and square areas. - Backhaul: Directional antennas are usually used. If the backhaul distance is long, use high-gain antennas; if backhaul targets are concentrated, use small-angle antennas. 4. Signal transmission band (2.4 GHz/5 GHz) - Coverage: To provide 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz signal coverage, use 2.4Gand 5G antennas in the same area or use dual-band antennas. - Backhaul: Only 5 GHz antennas are used for backhaul.

Can feeder cables be used to connect antennas to APs
For details about how to connect antennas to APs using feeder cables, see Connecting RF Cables of the antennas.

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