An AP cannot go online. What is the troubleshooting roadmap


1. Check whether the number of APs exceeds the license specifications.
2. Check CAPWAP messages.
3. Check link information.
4. Check whether the configuration is delivered.
5. Check data flow information.

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How does an AP go online
An AP goes online in the following modes: 1. Adding an AP offline and configuring AP attributes: AP attributes including the AP type and MAC address added to the whitelist are configured on the AC before the AP goes online. When the AP connects to an AC, the AC checks whether the AP can go online based on AP attributes. If the AP can go online, the AP can work based on the preconfigured attributes. 2. Discovering APs in the whitelist: The AP whitelist and AP authentication mode are configured on the AC. When an AP in the whitelist connects to the AC, the AC discovers the AP, and the AP works properly. The AP using the authentication mode configured on the AC exists in the whitelist and can go online. 3. Configuring AP discovery and confirming the AP identity: When an AP connects to an AC, the AC discovers the AP and prevents the AP from going online because the AP is not in the whitelist. The AP can go online only after its identity is confirmed by the user.

Why cannot an AP go online when the AR functions as an AC

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