How do I replace a faulty aP to accelerate service recovery? (V200R005 and earlier versions)


To replace the AP that associates with an AC with a new AP without reconfiguring data for the new AP, run the ap modify command in WLAN view to change the MAC address and serial number (SN) of the faulty AP to those of the new AP. The new AP must be of the same type as the faulty AP.

After the modification, the new AP with the ID of the previous AP re-associates with the AC and inherits all the data configured on the previous AP.

Other related questions:
What is the function of an AP region? (V200R005 and earlier versions)
An AP region is used for radio power adjustment, interference prevention, and batch upgrade of APs of the same type. AP regions can be added, deleted, modified, and combined.

Must a service VLAN be specified for each service set? (V200R005C10 and earlier versions)
Each service set corresponds to a VLAN ID. The service set delivers the service VLAN to an AP and delivered Layer data carries the VLAN ID. You must specify a VLAN ID for every service set. The default VLAN ID is 1.

Applying for server spare parts
Please dial the Huawei hot line 400-822-9999 to confirm whether the faulty part needs to be replaced. If replacement is required, Huawei engineers will help you submit an order. Obtain the server SN before you make the call.

Whether it is possible to replace a single faulty slot of a subrack
Currently, it is impossible to replace a single faulty slot of a subrack. If a slot is faulty, you are advised to move the board to another slot or replace the entire subrack.

How do I query the AP version
V200R005 and earlier versions: Run the display ap-run-info id ap-id command on the AC to view the AP's Software version. V200R006 and later versions: Run the display ap run-info { ap-name ap-name | ap-id ap-id } command on the AC to view the AP's Software version. Ensure that the AP is in normal state.

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