Do WLAN devices support NAT


ACs and Fat APs support NAT, while Fit APs and ATs do not support NAT.

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Do WLAN devices support VPN
WLAN devices' support for VPN: - ACs support IPSec and GRE, but do not support other types of VPN. - APs do not support VPN features.

Do WLAN devices support static routes
The AC6005 supports static routes.

Configuring NAT on a WLAN device
You can configure dynamic NAT, static NAT, or a NAT server.
Dynamic NAT allows dynamic establishment of mappings between private and public IP addresses so that intranet users can access external networks.
Static NAT implements one-to-one mapping between private and public network addresses.
A NAT server allows external users to access internal servers.
You can configure a NAT server on the web platform or CLI of an AC or a Fat AP.
- Configure NAT for an AC on the web platform as follows:
On the web platform, choose Configuration > AC Config > IP > NAT, click Create, and set related parameters.
- Configure NAT for a Fat AP on the web platform as follows:
On the web platform, choose Configuration > AP ConfigIP > NAT, click Create, and set related parameters.
- Configure NAT for a Fat central AP on the web platform as follows:
On the web platform, choose Configuration Central AP Config IP > NAT, click Create, and set related parameters.

Do WLAN devices support PPPoE
Fat APs and ACs in V200R006 and earlier versions do not support PPPoE dial-up.

Do WLAN devices support Ethernet link aggregation
Currently, all Huawei ACs and only APs with dual network ports (such as the AP5030DN) support Ethernet link aggregation.

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