How can I know whether an AP has obtained an IP address


If the address pool for APs is configured on an AC, run the display ip pool name ip-pool-name used command on the AC. If the command output displays an AP's MAC address and a corresponding IP address, the AP has obtained an IP address.

We can also run the following command to make sure IP address.
- V200R005 and earlier versions: display ap-run-info id ap-id
- V200R006 and later versions: display ap all

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How to check whether the AP has obtained an IP address?
Log in to the AP and check: display ap-address-info

How do I view the IP address of the IAD
The method varies according to the IAD model: For IAD208E(M), IAD132E(T) and IAD1224, connect a phone to the IAD, and dials *127. The IAD automatically plays an announcement indicating the IP address. For details, see the product documentation. For IAD101H/102H/104H, use a network cable to connect a PC to the LAN port on the IAD, and enter telnet in the Run dialog box to log in to the IAD. The default user name is root, and the default password is admin. In the privilege mode, run the display ipaddress command to display the IP address. For details, see the eSpace IAD Product Documentation.

How can I know an AP's working mode
An AP can work in Fit or Fat mode. After logging in to an AP, run the display version command to view the AP model and working mode. For an AP that supports only one mode, you can identify its working mode through its model. - APs that support only the Fat mode: AP9130DN -- APs that support only the Fit mode: AP2010DN, AP2030DN, AP6310SN, AP7110SN, AP7030DE, AP9330DN, R230D, R240D, and AP4030DN-E

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