The number of APs allowed by the AC license is invalid


A temporary license has a validity period. If it expires, the number of online APs allowed on the AC will be restored to the default value (The AC6005 and AC6605 support 4 APs by default, and the ACU2 128 APs.). In this case, you must purchase a commercial license and load it. After the commercial license is activated, the number of purchased APs prevails, while the default number becomes invalid.
The license will be invalid if you deactivate it due to misoperations. To solve the problem, perform the following steps:
1. Run the display license command to check the license status and the number of authorized resources.
2. If the license is not in Normal state and the number of authorized resources is inconsistent with that of the license, try to load and activate the license again.
3. If the preceding operations fail, collect information including the license file, revocation code, and ESN, and send it to and apply for a new license.

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Maximum number of APs allowed to connect to an AR router used as the AC
1.AR100&AR110&AR120&AR150&AR160&AR200, AR100-S&AR110-S&AR120-S&AR150-S&AR160-S&AR200-S, AR500&AR510: 8; 2.AR1200 series, AR2201-48FE, AR2202-48FE, AR2204, AR2204-51GE-P, AR2204-51GE, AR2204-51GE-R, AR2204-27GE-P, AR2204-27GE, AR2204E, AR2204E-D, AR1200-Sseries, AR2201-48FE-S, AR2204-S, SRG1300series, SRG2304: 12; 3.AR2220-AC,AR2220-DC,AR2220L-AC,AR2220L-DC, AR2220E, AR2240(SRU40,SRU60), AR3260(SRU40,SRU60), AR2220-S, AR2240-S(SRU40), AR3260-S(SRU40), SRG2320-AC, SRG2320-DC, SRG2320E, SRG3300series(SRU40,SRUC): 16; 4.AR2240(SRU80, SRU100,SRU100E), AR3260(SRU80,SRU100,SRU100E), AR3260E-S(SRU100E), SRG3300series(SRU80,SRUF,SRU100E): 32; 5.AR2240(SRU200,SRU200E), AR3260(SRU200,SRU200E), SRG3300series(SRU200,SRU200E), MSP20(NE16EX-6): 64; 6.AR2240(SRU400), AR3260(SRU400), MSP40(NE16EX-8): 128;

How many APs can be managed by an AC
The maximum number of APs managed by an AC is as follows: AC6003: 48 AC6005: 128 (versions earlier than V200R006C10); 256 (V200R006C10 and later) AC6605: 512 (V200R003); 1024 (V200R005 and later) ACU2: 2048 By default, the number of APs managed by an AC (without license loaded) is as follows: AC6003: 4 AC6005: 4 AC6605: 4 ACU2: 128

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