WLAN product licenses


A WLAN product license file is loaded on the AC to control the maximum number of online APs allowed on the AC. (The AC6005 and AC6605 support 4 APs by default, and the ACU2 128). APs do not need to load a license file. The number of access users allowed by the AP depends on its access capability but not on the license.
The license is irrelevant to the software version. You can reactivate the license after an upgrade.
There are two types of license:
- Temporary license: used in scenarios such as demonstration and tests. The license validity period is limited, so an expired license will be invalid. A temporary license cannot be split, merged, or expanded. You can apply for the license from a local Huawei office.
- Permanent commercial license: used in commercial scenarios and permanently valid. You can split, merge, and expand it as required. A license authorization code (LAC) or contact No. is required to generate the license.

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WLAN optimization
Optimize a WLAN network by: - Adjusting AP power - Adjusting the antenna system - Adjusting AP channels - Reducing interference - Adjusting the network-side topology and bandwidth

Common problems on a WLAN
Problems on a WLAN are classified into the following types: - Network-side problems - Insufficient bandwidth - Link faults - License restraints (only for ACs) - Incorrect configurations - AP-side problems - Incorrect AP working mode - Power supply failures - Faults of network cables connected to APs - Radio coverage problems - Co-channel interference - Improper channel distribution - Insufficient antenna coverage - Faults of components in an indoor distributed WLAN system

An electrical port of a WLAN device cannot go Up
1. After a 100M/1000M electrical port on a WLAN device is connected to a port on the peer device, configure the electrical port to work in auto-negotiation mode. 2. If the fault persists, check whether the port on the peer device works in auto-negotiation mode. 3. If the port still cannot go Up when a Huawei WLAN device is connected to a non-Huawei WLAN device, configure ports on both devices to work in forcible mode. 4. If the fault persists, perform a loopback test by connecting the electrical port to another port on the same card on the Huawei device using an Ethernet cable. - If the electrical port goes Up, the peer device may be faulty. Contact the vendor of the peer device to rectify the fault. - If the fault persists, connect the Ethernet cable to another port on the same card. If the electrical port still cannot go Up, the card is faulty. Contact Huawei technical support personnel to rectify the fault.

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