Can a WLAN device send alarms through emails


A WLAN device cannot send alarms through emails, but can send alarms to an NMS such as eSight. If eSight is configured with a mail server, alarm notifications can be sent through emails.

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Network requirements for sending alarm notification emails on OceanStor 9000
To ensure OceanStor 9000 has the correct setting for sending alarm notification emails, the management IP address of OceanStor 9000 and the IP address of the SMTP server must be able to ping each other, and the SMTP server must be connected to the Internet.

Why does the AR router not raise alarms
SNMP provides the alarm control function which can be used to control the alarm output of a module. A device can raise alarms only when this function is enabled on it. To enable the alarm switch control function, perform the following steps: 1. Run the system-view command to enter the system view. 2. Run the snmp-agent trap enable command to enable the device to send alarms to the NMS. 3. Run the snmp-agent target-host trap-paramsname paramsname v1 securityname securityname [ binding-private-value ] [ trap-filterprofilename filterprofilename ] [ private-netmanager ] command to set the parameters of the Trap package sent by the device. 4. Run the snmp-agent target-host trap-hostname hostname address ipv4-addr [ udp-port udp-portid ] [ public-net | vpn-instance vpn-instance-name ] trap-paramsname paramsnam command to configure the target host to which the device sends alarms and error codes. Description: 1. The binding-private-value parameter is supported in V200R001C01 or later. 2. The private-netmanager parameter is supported in V200R002C00 or later.

How can I clear alarms on a WLAN device
To clear alarms on a WLAN device, run the clear alarm active { all | sequence-number sequence-number } command in the alarm management view.

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