Does user data need to be aggregated on the AC


User data can be forwarded in local forwarding or tunnel forwarding mode. Data traffic needs to be aggregated to the AC in tunnel forwarding mode, but not in local forwarding mode. The forwarding mode is determined by service requirements.

If there are a large number of concurrent traffic flows, use local forwarding so that user data will not pass through the AC.

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Is service data aggregated on an AC? What is the recommended forwarding mode and why
Service data can be forwarded locally or over a tunnel. Service data is aggregated on an AC only when it is forwarded over a tunnel. You can choose the forwarding mode according to the site requirements. When a large number of concurrent users exist, it is recommended that service data be forwarded locally.

Does the MQ data need to be backed up?
MQ information is persistently stored on an SSD. When an exception occurs, SSD data can be automatically collected if the SSD is unformatted. The cluster does not provide independent MQ data backup and restoration functions.

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