Traffic profile configuration


Configure a traffic profile.
Location for traffic profiles: (wlan-) radio-->service-set-->traffic-profile.
If the rate limiting is not performed, no configuration is required. Just create a new traffic profile that can be invoked by the service set.
[HUAWEI] wlan
[HUAWEI-wlan-view] traffic-profile name p1
[HUAWEI-wlan-traffic-prof-p1] quit
[HUAWEI-wlan-view] service-set name s1
[HUAWEI-wlan-service-set-s1]traffic-profile p1
Traffic unit: kbit/s

Other related questions:
Why the interval at which the traffic shaping rate increases can be set in an adaptive traffic profile of an AR, but the interval at which the traffic shaping rate decreases cannot be set
An adaptive traffic profile on an AR does not support the configuration of the interval at which the traffic shaping rate decreases. When an NQA test instance detects that the packet loss rate is greater than the upper limit configured in the adaptive traffic profile, the traffic shaping rate of the interface needs to be reduced immediately. This ensures that the traffic shaping rate is rapidly adapted to the network in order to prevent data loss.

Radio profile configuration
Radio profile configuration Location for radio profiles: (wlan-) radio xx -- radio-profile Configuration: [HUAWEI] wlan [HUAWEI-wlan-view] wmm-profile name w1 [HUAWEI-wlan-wmm-prof-w1] wmm enable //WMM is enabled by default. If disabled, 802.11n access will be affected. [HUAWEI-wlan-wmm-prof-w1] quit [HUAWEI-wlan-view] radio-profile r1 [HUAWEI-wlan-radio-prof-r1]wmm-profile name w1 [HUAWEI-wlan-radio-prof-r1] radio-type { 80211a | 80211an | 80211gn | 80211b | 80211bg | 80211bgn | 80211g | 80211n } For V200R003, 802.11b/g/n support the 2.4 GHz frequency band, and 802.11a/n support the 5 GHz frequency band. If you configure the 5 GHz frequency band without changing the radio type, the system will report an error. Ensure that the wireless network does not invoke this profile when deleting the radio profile. Note: - For V200R003, radio-type needs to be set to 802.11b/g/n (2.4 GHz) or 802.11a/n (5 GHz). - For V200R005 and later versions, radio-type does not need to be manually configured and cannot be specified. - In most cases, WMM profiles do not need to be modified. - In the radio profile, the working mode can be set to normal, monitor, and hybrid. In monitor mode, users cannot access the radio. Changing the working mode may cause temporary service interruption.

Can the adaptive traffic profile be bound to an NQA test instance
The adaptive traffic profile can be bound to an NQA test instance. The upstream device uses the upper threshold for the traffic shaping rate in the adaptive traffic profile if the adaptive traffic profile is not bound to the NQA test instance.

Is the upper or lower threshold for the traffic shaping rate in the adaptive traffic profile used by default
The upper threshold for the traffic shaping rate is used by default. The system then dynamically adjust traffic shaping parameters based on the NQA result.

Configure basic services of the Fat AP on the AR
You can configure the Fat AP service to enable users to easily access a wireless network and move around within the coverage of the wireless network. The procedure for configuring the basic function of the Fat AP is as follows: 1. Configure the WLAN mode of the device, basic parameters of the AP, and the addresses allocated to STAs. 2. Configure WLAN service VAPs. After APs go online, you can configure service VAPs for the APs to provide differentiated WLAN services for users. The detailed configuration is as follows: Create a WMM profile and a radio profile, bind the WMM profile to the radio profile, create a security profile and a traffic profile, configure a WLAN-BSS interface and a WLAN service set, bind the WLAN-BSS interface, security profile, and traffic profile to the WLAN service set, configure a radio, and bind the radio profile and VAP to the radio. For details, see Example for Configuring Wireless User Access to a WLAN.

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