Sort SSIDs on STAs


The sorting of SSIDs is completed by STAs. APs cannot specify the SSID sorting.

Other related questions:
Why does a STA fail to discover the SSID of an AP when the AP software version is correct and has correct WLAN configuration
1. The SSID hiding function is enabled using the ssid-hide command in the service set view. In this case, run the undo ssid-hide command in the service set view to disable the SSID hiding function. 2. When the device functions as an AC, you can run the display ap-run-info command to check whether the AP works properly.

How to isolate STAs associated with the same SSID of an AP
Huawei APs support local Layer 2 isolation. After Layer 2 isolation is enabled, local STAs cannot communicate at Layer 2, and data can only be transmitted between uplink ports and VAP ports. To enable Layer 2 isolation, configure it on an AC.

How can I separate two STAs that connect to the same AP and SSID
Huawei APs support Layer 2 isolation. When Layer 2 isolation is enabled, STAs cannot communicate at Layer 2. Only the upstream interface and virtual access point (VAP) interface can exchange data. You can enable Layer 2 isolation on an AC.

Why does the SSID of an AP disappear intermittently on a STA when the AP is running normally
Possible causes are: -Automatic channel adjustment is enabled on the AP, so the AP continuously adjust channels to obtain the best radio performance. The radio module of the AP is reset when the channel is changed. You can run the channel-mode fixed command in the radio profile view to solve this problem. -The STA is far from the AP or is blocked by an obstacle. As a result, the receive signal strength on the STA is weak.

What is SSID
SSID 1. SSIDs identify different wireless networks. For example, when you search for available wireless networks on your laptop, the displayed wireless network names are SSIDs. 2. Different devices can be configured with the same SSID, but different BSSIDs, that is, the MAC address. 3. BSSID is the mapping of an AP's MAC address. 4. If multiple SSIDs are the same, you can check whether APs are configured with the same SSID. Fat APs and ACs also share different SSIDs. 5. SSIDs are configured in a service set, and each one maps one service VLAN. If there are multiple address pools or VLANs, add a new service set.

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