Requirement for the SSID name


For V200R005 and earlier versions, the SSID name cannot contain Chinese characters. It is recommended that you change spaces into underscores (_).

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How do I configure SNMP community name on S series switches
The snmp-agent community { read | write } community-name command can be used to configure community names on S series switches (except S1700). read indicates the read permission and write indicates the write permission. If the same community name is configured, the latter configuration overwrites the earlier community name. The following provides an example: [HUAWEI] snmp-agent community write community001 Community complexity check needs to be performed when SNMP community names are configured on S series switches (except S1700) in versions after V200R002. Community complexity requirements are as follows: 1. The community name must contain at least eight characters. The set password min-length command sets the value of minimum password length which must equal to or be larger than 8. 2. The community must be a combination of at least two of the following: uppercase letters A to Z, lowercase letters a to z, digits, and special characters (excluding question masks). You can use the snmp-agent community complexity-check disable command to disable community name complexity check on a switch. After community name complexity check is disabled, the value of community name length is an integer in the range 1 to 32. The configuration method is as follows: [HUAWEI] snmp-agent community complexity-check disable Note: If a configured community name does not meet complexity requirements, the system is prone to attacks including password cracking from malicious users, affecting system security. Therefore, it is recommended that community name complexity check be enabled.

What are the requirements on host names in a FusionInsight cluster?
A host name can contain digits 0-9, letters a-z (lowercase and uppercase), and hyphens (-), but cannot contain only digits. The host name must be unique.

What is SSID
SSID 1. SSIDs identify different wireless networks. For example, when you search for available wireless networks on your laptop, the displayed wireless network names are SSIDs. 2. Different devices can be configured with the same SSID, but different BSSIDs, that is, the MAC address. 3. BSSID is the mapping of an AP's MAC address. 4. If multiple SSIDs are the same, you can check whether APs are configured with the same SSID. Fat APs and ACs also share different SSIDs. 5. SSIDs are configured in a service set, and each one maps one service VLAN. If there are multiple address pools or VLANs, add a new service set.

What are the requirements for the length of SNMP community names on CE switches
By default, a switch checks the complexity of community names. A community name required by CE switches is a string of 8 to 32 characters and meets the following conditions: 1. The community name must be a combination of at least two of uppercase letters (A to Z), lowercase letters (a to z), digits, and special characters (excluding question masks and spaces). 2. If the string is enclosed in double quotation marks (" "), the string can contain spaces. If the complexity check of a community name is disabled using the snmp-agent community complexity-check disable command, the community name can contain 1 to 32 characters. To ensure the security of SNMP community names, you are advised to enable the complexity check of a community name.

Sort SSIDs on STAs
The sorting of SSIDs is completed by STAs. APs cannot specify the SSID sorting.

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