STA type identification


Currently, WLAN devices cannot identify STA types.

Other related questions:
When a STA is roaming, whether the STA subnet attributes are changed
During STA roaming, STA subnet attributes such as the IP address, VLAN, ACL, and priority are inherited and will not be changed.

Does an online 802.11b/g STA affect the rate of another online 802.11n STA
Yes. 802.11b/g STAs have a low rate and occupy the air interface for a longer time when forwarding the same traffic as 802.11n STAs. This lowers the rate of an online 802.11n STA.

Sort SSIDs on STAs
The sorting of SSIDs is completed by STAs. APs cannot specify the SSID sorting.

On the STA Management page of the AC's web platform, no STA is displayed
On the STA Management page, search results are displayed based on conditions, but not all STAs.

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