Automatic radio shutdown


Automatic radio signal shutdown
[HUAWEI] wlan
Enable automatic radio signal shutdown by radio (2.4 GHz/5 GHz):
[HUAWEI-wlan-view] auto-off service radio ap-id 0 radio-id 0 start-time 1:00:00 end-time 7:00:00
Enable automatic radio signal shutdown by SSID:
[HUAWEI-wlan-view] auto-off service ess service-set id 0 start-time 01:00:00 end-time 07:00:00

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Shutting down the firewall
The firewall does not support power-off through the CLI or automatic power-off. Instead, you need to press a button to power it off.

Automatic laser shutdown on the SL64 board of the OSN 9500
When one end does not receive optical signals, it reports an R_LOS alarm to automatically shut down the laser, and the peer end shuts down its laser after receiving the R_LOS alarm. To ensure that light emitting can be immediately recovered after a fault is rectified, the lasers on the ports at both ends are turned on every other minute and the turn-on state of the lasers is kept for 2 seconds. If the fault persists, the lasers will be kept shutdown for 1 minute. The lasers at both ends are recovered if optical signals can be received immediately after the fault is rectified.

Command used to set the Automatic Laser Shutdown function for a laser on BWS 320G
To set the Automatic Laser Shutdown function for a laser on BWS 320G, run the following command: cfg-set-lasautosd:bid,path,flag To query the Automatic Laser Shutdown function for a laser on BWS 320G, run the following command: cfg-get-lasautosd:bid,path

Does the SC have a shutdown command?
The SC does not have a shutdown command, but has a restart command. Restarting the SC: reboot (Only the SC service is restarted.) Restarting the host: reboot-host (The server where the SC service is deployed is restarted.)

Radio profile configuration
Radio profile configuration Location for radio profiles: (wlan-) radio xx -- radio-profile Configuration: [HUAWEI] wlan [HUAWEI-wlan-view] wmm-profile name w1 [HUAWEI-wlan-wmm-prof-w1] wmm enable //WMM is enabled by default. If disabled, 802.11n access will be affected. [HUAWEI-wlan-wmm-prof-w1] quit [HUAWEI-wlan-view] radio-profile r1 [HUAWEI-wlan-radio-prof-r1]wmm-profile name w1 [HUAWEI-wlan-radio-prof-r1] radio-type { 80211a | 80211an | 80211gn | 80211b | 80211bg | 80211bgn | 80211g | 80211n } For V200R003, 802.11b/g/n support the 2.4 GHz frequency band, and 802.11a/n support the 5 GHz frequency band. If you configure the 5 GHz frequency band without changing the radio type, the system will report an error. Ensure that the wireless network does not invoke this profile when deleting the radio profile. Note: - For V200R003, radio-type needs to be set to 802.11b/g/n (2.4 GHz) or 802.11a/n (5 GHz). - For V200R005 and later versions, radio-type does not need to be manually configured and cannot be specified. - In most cases, WMM profiles do not need to be modified. - In the radio profile, the working mode can be set to normal, monitor, and hybrid. In monitor mode, users cannot access the radio. Changing the working mode may cause temporary service interruption.

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