How to force Telnet users to go offline on a WLAN device


If some login users occupy the user interface continuously or need to be forbidden from operating a WLAN device, run the free user-interface { ui-number | ui-type ui-number1 } command in the user interface view to remove the users from the specified user interface and disconnect them from the device.
The configurations are as follows:
free user-interface vty 3
Warning: User interface vty3 will be freed. Continue? [Y/N]:y
Note that these 2 commands cannot be executed on the user that has logged in to the device currently.

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How do I force an online user to go offline

You can run the free user-interface { ui-number | ui-type ui-number1 } command to remove a user from a specified user interface, that is, disconnect the user from the device.

This command does not take effect for the current user. For example, if the user interface of the current user is VTY 2, the free user-interface vty 2 command does not take effect and the system displays an error message.

<Huawei> free user-interface 0
Warning: User interface Console1 will be freed. Continue? [Y/N]:y

Can ACs force Portal authentication users to go offline
This function is supported by ACs and Fat APs supporting Portal authentication.

Configure the time period when idle users go offline
For WLAN devices, if a user produces a little or no network traffic for a long time after going online, the user still occupies certain bandwidth, which reduces the access rate of other users. In this case, the idle-cut function can be configured to disconnect the users whose traffic volume stays below the traffic threshold within the idle time. This function reduces resource waste and improves Internet access experience of other users. The configuration is as follows:
1.  Enter the AAA authentication scheme view, and configure the idle-cut function and related parameters. 
<AC6605> system-view
[AC6605] aaa
[AC6605-aaa] service-scheme huawei
[AC6605-aaa-service-huawei] idle-cut 1 10  //Set the idle-cut interval to 1 minute and the traffic threshold to 10 kbit/s.
[AC6605-aaa-service-huawei] quit
2. Enter the AAA domain view, and enable traffic statistics collection.
[AC6605-aaa] domain huawei
[AC6605-aaa-domain-huawei] statistic enable

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